WCGS Standing Committees

WCGS Executive Committee

David Eliezer (Biochemistry and Structural Biology, Program Co-Chair, WCM)
Chris Lima (Biochemistry and Structural Biology, Program Co-Chair, SKI)
Heidi Stuhlmann (Cell and Developmental Biology, Program Co-Chair, WCM)
Xuejun Jiang (Cell and Developmental Biology, Program Co-Chair, SKI)
Kirk Deitsch (Molecular Biology, Program Co-Chair, WCM)
Andy Koff (Molecular Biology, Program Co-Chair, SKI)
Sabine Ehrt (Immunology, Program Co-Chair, WCM)
Alexander Rudensky (Immunology, Program Co-Chair, SKI)
Elizabeth Ross (Neuroscience, Chair, WCM)
Harel Weinstein (PBSB, Chair, WCM)
Lorraine Gudas (Pharmacology, Program Co-Chair, WCM)
David Scheinberg (Pharmacology, Program Co-Chair, SKI)
Mary Charlson (Clinical Epidemiology, MS, Program Chair, WCM)
Julianne Imperato-McGinley (Clinical Investigations, MS, Program Chair, WCM)
Rainu Kaushal (HPR, MS, Program Chair, WCM)
Gerard Marciano (Co-Chair Physician Assistants Program)
Doug Ballon (Biomedical Imaging, MS Program Chair, WCM)

WCGS Curriculum Committee


The WCGS Curriculum Committee meets bimonthly and is advisory to the WCGS Executive Committee on programmatic and curricular approaches and policies. Areas of Curriculum Committee focus include: comprehensively examining training (e.g., asking such questions as “What should we be teaching our students in this current era of biomedical science?” and “How do we teach our students to be leaders and to do breakthrough science?”); new course approvals; oversight of existing courses (including course evaluations); identification of synergies/redundancies in courses offered by different Programs and, where possible, increase coordination between Programs/courses; identification of curriculum gaps; development and implementation of approaches that could help decrease time-to-degree; identification of how to incorporate meaningful training for non-academic science careers for interested students.

Current Membership (PhD Curriculum Committee)

Anjali Rajadhyaksha (Chair)
Jacqueline Burre (Neuroscience, 2019-2025 term)
Lukas Edward Dow (Cell and Developmental Biology, 2020-2023 term)
Iliyan D Iliev (Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis, 2020-2023 term)
Ekta Khurana (Physiology, Biophysics, & Systems Biology, 2021-2024 term)
Joshua Levitz (Biochemistry and Structural Biology, 2021-2024 term)
Daniel Bachovchin (Pharmacology, 2022-2025 term)
John Maciejowski (Molecular Biology, 2021-2024 term)
Baran Ersoy (Biochemistry and Structural Biology, 2022-2025 term)

Katharine Carter (Student, 2022-2024 term)
Bjoern Perder (Student, 2022-2023 term)

Current Membership (MS Curriculum Committee)

Anjali Rajadhyaksha (Chair)
Gary J. Bouchard
Richard Lee
Carol A. Mancuso
Lucy A. Skrabanek
Mark Aaron Unruh 
Yiye Zhang 
Xi Kathy Zhou

WCGS Awards Committee

Randi Silver (Chair, WCM) 
Anjali Rajadhyaksha (WCM)
Richard White (SKI)
Phiipp Niethammer (SKI)
Xuejun Xiang (SKI)
Emre Aksay (WCM)
Jacqueline Burre (WCM)

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