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WCGS Code of Legislation and Policies

The Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences's Code of Legislation (Code) details the policies and procedures of the Graduate School as overseen by the WCGS Executive Commitee. Please review the Code and adhere to the rules, protocols, and policies described. All links within the document are also posted below. This document was last updated by the Executive Committe on June 16, 2020.

WCGS Code of Legislation
PDF icon Code of Legislation.pdf

WCGS Resources & Policies:

WCGS Vision Statement

WCGS Faculty

WCGS Internship/Externship Policy

WCM Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Statement

WCM Research Integrity Policy

WCM Requirements for Graduation with the PhD Degree

MSK Research & Technology Management Policies & Procedures

WCGS Transfer Student Policy

WCM Student Misconduct & Campus Security

WCM Title IX Policy & Resources 

Ombudsman Policy

Grade Appeal Process

WCM Emergency Resources

WCM Office of the Registrar & Graduate School Registration Policies

WCGS Maternity and Paternity Leave Policy – PhD Students 

Cornell University Policies that Extend to Weill Cornell Graduate School:

Code of Academic Integrity

Standards of Ethical Conduct Policy

Campus Code of Conduct

PDF icon Policy 1.5, Inventions and Related Property Rights

PDF icon Policy 4.5, Access to Student InformationStudent Record Privacy Statement (Annual Notification Under FERPA)

Policy 6.4, Prohibited Discriminatino, Protected-Status Harrassment, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Assault and Violence, and Bias Activity Procedures

US Department of Education & NIH Resources

US Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights

US Department of Health & Human Services Public Health Service Poilcies on Research Misconduct

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