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Obtaining a Social Security Number

A Social Security Number (SSN) can be issued to I-20 international students in certain situations.  Specifically, I-20 students must be attending school full-time and have been hired or will be hired to work on-campus. A person may have only one SSN during their lifetime irrespective of the situation. If you already have had one previously, do not apply for another one.

The documents required to be presented to the SSN office in person are:

  1. Unexpired passport.
  2. Current I-20.
  3. Current I-94.
  4. Evidence of authorization to work and full-time attendance in one of either two ways.  
    A: For non-CPT students: This is the letter from Weill Cornell which specifies that the named student is authorized to work on-campus and is currently enrolled.  A template of the letter may be obtained PDF icon here.  Your department must complete the top part using blue ink.  International Student Services in Room A-131 at 1300 York Avenue will then complete the bottom part in live ink.
    B: For CPT students: Your CPT I-20.
  5. SS-5 application from the Social Security Administration.

A current form may be obtained here

The Social Security Administration requires individuals to visit the SSN office assigned to their area.  If you live in Manhattan, your office is at:

123 Williams Street
New York City, NY 10038

Should you live outside of Manhattan, please use this to locate your local field office  Some offices require an appointment.  Do contact the one in your jurisdiction to inquire about this.

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