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Core Laboratories Center

The Core Laboratories Center (CLC), also referred to as the CLC, are 17 centralized core facilities that provide access to instruments, technologies, services, expert consultations, and other services to all of Weill Cornell's researchers. Our cores are designed to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of research by providing access to high-quality, cost-effective resources that would otherwise be challenging for individual research groups to maintain on their own. Below is a listing of the exciting resources and services available through all our core facilities under the CLC.

Other Facilities


Research Cores Seminar Series

The Research Cores Seminar Series highlights key services that the Core Laboratories Center (CLC) cutting edge core facilities offer to assist with the critical advances in biomedical research. This series is geared towards research investigators, postdocs and students who are interested to see how services provided by the CLC core facilities can play a major role in their biomedical research.



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