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September 19, 2019 (All day)
The National Conference on Medical Student Mental Health and Well-Being is hosted by Weill Cornell Medicine, in partnership with the Association of American Medical Colleges, Associated Medical Schools of New York, and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Medical students experience higher rates of psychological distress, including anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation, compared to peers in the general population. While much needed attention is currently being focused on clinician well-being within the medical community, it is time to concentrate more fully on medical students as well. The National Conference on Medical Student Mental Health and Well-Being is the first comprehensive, multidisciplinary forum to examine the mental health needs of medical students. Bringing together leading experts in the field, medical school administrators and faculty, mental health professionals, and medical students, it seeks to better understand the causes of psychological distress in this population. Key goals are to identify new and improved strategies for detection, treatment, and prevention of mental illness in medical students, as well as innovative methods for fostering greater resilience and well-being, that can be implemented at medical schools around the country. Conference Themes Detection and treatment of major mental disorders in early adulthoodStresses of medical school and the transition to residencyAdministrative issues related to mental illness in medical studentsStrategies to prevent burnout and promote resilience and well-beingBest practices for improving medical student mental healthSuicide preventionTarget Audience Conference attendees will include approximately 400 medical school deans, university and teaching hospital administrators, faculty physicians, researchers, mental health professionals, and medical students. It is particularly designed for health care practitioners in the fields of: PsychologyPsychiatrySocial WorkStudent HealthInternal MedicinePrimary CareEpidemiologyPublic Health Individuals working in medical education, admissions, and student affairs fields at medical schools will also benefit from the clinical, scientific, and administrative discussions during the conference. Register now!

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