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Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership


The Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership is designed for high-achieving professionals who aspire to leadership positions in the healthcare arena. This program is designed to attract motivated working professionals who aspire to lead academic medical centers, community hospitals, and/or large-group, multi-specialty and single-specialty practices; rise to the upper ranks of healthcare consultancy or the healthcare insurance business; or add to the growing ranks of talented healthcare innovators. This program will provide you with the skills necessary to lead healthcare organizations and implement new models of care.

The program duration is 20 months (with breaks), consisting of two semesters per year (fall and spring). Students complete 60 credits of coursework throughout the duration of the program, exploring topics that include healthcare, policy, leadership and strategy, and business. Each semester includes residential sessions designed for intensive, experiential learning. The fall sessions will be on Cornell University’s main campus in Ithaca, New York. The spring sessions will be held at a residential location in the New York City metropolitan area. The capstone project, consisting of small teams of students working with a faculty advisor, will integrate core academic knowledge as it applies to challenges in real-world settings. At the end of your studies, you will receive two degrees from Cornell University: an MBA from the Johnson School and an MS from Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

Key Facts

    • Tuition: $185,720
    • Entry date: One class per year beginning in July
    • Location: Class weekends at the Tata Innovation Center at the Cornell Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City. Each semester includes a residential session in Ithaca, NY, or New York Metro area.
    • Length of Program: 2 years (with breaks in summer and winter)
    • Degrees awarded: Master of Business Administration and Master of Science from Cornell University
    • Number of credits: 60
    • Limited partial scholarships may be available to qualified students. 

More tuition information can be found here.

Program Requirements

Why Should I Apply?

    • You will acquire specialized skills in healthcare policy from one of the most respected names in healthcare education and delivery, while acquiring managerial skills from one of the country’s leading management schools.
    • The Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership will provide both physician and non-physician leaders in healthcare with the skills necessary to lead organizations that design and implement new models of care.
    • You will be taught methods of optimizing health and healthcare delivery for patients around the country. Through advanced education in healthcare leadership, you will be able to see opportunities to improve lives in our ever-changing medical environment.
    • Course instructors include full-time faculty at Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management and the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, as well as experienced business and healthcare practitioners.
    • You will obtain skills that advance and accelerate your career, in some cases even before completion of the program. Our career-services team provides a tailored, personalized approach to career management. Career professionals are available to work with you to achieve your goals, whether they be to accelerate your career or transition to an entirely new organization.

Candidates interested in the program must have a strong academic record with emphasis on quantitative skills. Candidates must also demonostrate experience and knowlegde that adds a unique perspective to the class and team environement.

Other qualifications include:

  • Communication and teamwork skills
  • Demonstrated career progression
  • Healthcare area of expertise
  • Ethical values in healthcare
  • Experience and knowledge that adds a unique perspective to the class and team environment

Admissions Requirements

How many years of work experience should an average applicant have?
You should have a minimum of seven years of progressive work experience. The admissions committee may consider candidates with less, as other factors are taken into account, such as post-residency experience for physicians, and demonstrated career progress.

Is it possible to be admitted without an undergraduate degree?
An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution is required to be admitted into our Executive MBA/MS program.

Do I need to be employed full-time to apply?
Yes, you must be employed full-time at the time of enrollment.

Is the GMAT required for admission?
The GMAT is not a required component of the application. In some cases, the admissions committee will ask a candidate to take the GMAT to provide additional evidence of academic readiness.

Is there a possibility of transferring programs/courses from other programs?
Credits that have been earned to fulfill an academic requirement for a graduate degree, baccalaureate degree, advanced degree, or certificate of advanced studies at another institution are not transferable. For additional information, please contact

Application for Admission

What materials need to accompany my application for admission?
In addition to your online application, each application must include:

    • Professional résumé
    • Organizational chart (optional)
    • Three required admissions essays
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate academic institutions you’ve attended

How do I improve my admissions essays?
We encourage you to clearly and succinctly address each essay within the assigned word limitations. Our admissions team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the essays prior to submission.

How many letters of recommendation should be submitted on my behalf?
Two letters of recommendation must be submitted on your behalf.

Who should I ask to submit a letter of recommendation?
One of your letters must be from your immediate supervisor. Your second letter of recommendation should be written by someone who can best attest to your professional skill set. This might include a colleague, client, or former supervisor. We suggest that you choose recommenders who know you well and can provide detailed insights.

What specific topics should my recommenders highlight in their letters of recommendation?
The best letters of recommendation will assess your intellectual strength and creativity, ability to work well in teams, potential for assuming greater management responsibility, and outstanding characteristics.

What information should be included within my organizational chart?
While optional, organizational charts give our admissions-committee members an understanding of your organization’s structure and where your position fits within that structure. Please include your position as well as your direct reporting structure.

Where do I send my transcripts?
Please send all transcripts to the following address:

Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business
Attn: Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership Admissions
2 West Loop Road
New York, NY 10044

I’ve attended an undergraduate institution outside of the United States. Do my transcripts need to be evaluated and, if applicable, translated?
Transcripts must be translated from an accredited body. We may also request an evaluation. Please contact to determine appropriate steps.

Do I need to provide transcripts from all academic institutions I’ve attended?
Yes. You must provide transcripts from all graduate and undergraduate institutions you’ve attended. We must have official documentation on record for all credits earned, including those transferred from institutions from which you did not graduate.

Is an interview required?
An interview is required for admission. Candidates will be contacted if they are selected for an interview. Not all applicants will be granted interviews.

What does the interview process entail?
Our interview process allows us to get to know you one-on-one. The admissions-committee members conducting your interview will have reviewed your application in its entirety before speaking with you. The conversation will last about an hour.

Admissions Process

How do I apply?
You can access the application through our website. You will be asked to create an account in order to start your application.

Is there an application fee?
Yes. There is a $200 fee that is required before submitting your application.

When is the application deadline?
We operate on a rolling-admissions basis, so we do not adhere to strict deadlines. We do encourage you to submit your application as early as possibly to avoid potential seat capacity or timing restrictions.

Are scholarships available?
Partial scholarships may be available to qualified students. Priority consideration given to completed applications submitted by May 1. 

Can I submit my application for admission before my transcripts and letters of recommendation reach your offices?
Yes, we will add your transcripts and recommendation letters to your application as they arrive. We will confirm receipt of all required materials once you submit.

Upon successful completion, what degrees are awarded?
At the end of your studies, you will receive two degrees from Cornell University: a Master of Business Administration from the Johnson School and a Master of Science from Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

Program Schedule

Courses take place over 20 months (with breaks), consisting of two terms per year (fall and spring).

Admissions Events

Learn more about the program in-person at either the Ithaca or NYC campus, or participate in an online information session.

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