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The International Student Services (ISS) webpage is intended for newly admitted and current international students only and it is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual. The information on this page complements the services available to our international students, as well as informing them about their responsibilities to maintain a legal status in the United States as F-1 students during their studies here at Weill Cornell Medicine.

The Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) and Designated School Officials (DSOs) in the Graduate School of Medical Sciences (WCGS) assist international students by providing immigration support and guidance to ensure our international students maintain valid F-1 status and remain in compliance with federally mandated regulations and policy. However, it is ultimately a student's responsibility to maintain legal status in the United States at all times, and comply with the procedures and policies specified by WCGS and their program of studies.

We strongly encourage you to use this page to get information and learn about the procedures on filing for a program extension, applying for work authorization or practical training, changing immigration status and other topics.

If you have any immigration-related questions or concerns, please email us at



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