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Badminton Club (GSEC)

Welcome to the Weill Cornell Badminton Club. If you're a badminton enthusiast looking to play on campus, you've come to the right place! The club aims to provide a platform for Weill Cornell students, fellows, postdocs, faculty, staff and affiliates to play badminton regularly. The objective of the club is to facilitate its members to improve their skills and also socialize with other players. Going forward, we hope to have a competitive team which can participate in nationwide tournaments to gain more exposure and further improve their skills. 
In 2015 in the midst of never ending research work and writing proposals, I wanted to do something fun and relaxing that would totally take my mind off from work. At that time it struck me how much I missed playing badminton. Then I thought to myself I should really do something that would revive my passion and help me play on a regular basis. That is how this club was born!
We encourage interested players of all skill levels to enroll for the club. However just to make it easier for everyone, we request players to indicate their level of play:
  • Beginner (Trying it for the first time) 
  • Intermediate (recreational player) 
  • Expert (competitive player)


We welcome players to just show up to get a feel of the club, meet other players and decide on their future participation. For such players, we have rackets and birdies available. However if you are planing to come regularly, we strongly recommend you to bring your own rackets.     
Active, regular members would be required to contribute $25 per semester. We would use the funds to buy new birdies. These funds would also be used to promote the club to bring in more people! 
Currently we have one court reserved in the Olin Gym (445 E. 69th Street) for two days in a week,
7 pm to 9 pm on Thursdays
5 pm to 7 pm on Saturdays
As more players enroll for the club, we might also be looking at reserving the court for an additional day. We currently have an active Google group where club members can post their availability and participate in discussions. Please follow this link,!forum/weill-cornell-badminton-club
Ashlesha Odak (
Founder, Weill Cornell Badminton Club
BCMB Graduate Student, Batch of 2014
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