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IMP Career Outcomes

IMP graduates have successfully embarked upon a variety of careers, including faculty positions in academia and industry. Below is a representation of some of our IMP alum (and the lab they trained in as a graduate student at WCGS) from over the years:

John MacMicking (Nathan lab) - Professor and HHMI investigator, Yale University

Xiaoyu Hu (lvashkiv lab) - Professor, Tsinghua University (China)

Cynthia Leifer (Nathan lab) - Professor, Cornell University

Utthara Nayar (Cesarman lab) - Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Alexander Ploss (Pamer lab) - Associate Professor, Princeton University

Michael Shiloh (Nathan lab) - Associate Professor, UT Southwestern

Aimee Beaulieu (Nathan lab) - Assistant Professor, Rutgers Medical School

Minkyung Song (Cubillos-Ruiz Lab) - Assistant Professor, Sungkyunkwan Univ (Korea)

Katherine Hisert (Nathan lab) - Assistant Professor, National Jewish

Robert Samstein (Rudensky lab) - Assistant Professor, Mount Sinai

Ruth Franklin (Li lab) - Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Sungho Park (lvashkiv lab) - Assistant Professor, UNIST (Korea)

Rachel Gottschalk (Allison lab) - Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Kang Chen (Cerutti lab) - Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

Joris van der Veeken (Rudensky lab) - Assistant Professor, IMP (Austria)

Clarissa Campbell (Rudensky lab) - Assistant Professor, Center for Mol Med (Austria)

Jen Oyler (Altan-Bonnet lab) - Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Priya lssuree (Blobel/Salmon Lab) - Assistant Professor, University of Iowa

Kyuho Kang (lvashkiv lab) - Assistant Professor, Chungbuk University (Korea)

Virginia Pedicord (Allison lab) - Assistant Professor, University of Cambridge (UK)

Jennifer Small (Ehrt lab) - Assistant Professor, Columbia University

Sheetal Gandotra (Ehrt lab) – Assistant Professor, CSIR-IGIB New Delhi (India)

Gregory St John (Nathan lab) - Medical Director, Regeneron

Omar Vandal (Ehrt lab) - Senior Program Officer, Gates Foundation

Jenny Tzeng (Lu lab) - Principal Scientist, Bristol Myers Squibb

Younghwa Kim (Nathan lab) - Vice President Asia, Pfizer

Jessica Schneider (Glickman lab) - Director, Takeda

Shuangping Shi (Ehrt lab) – Vice President, Merck

Kan Lin (Ehrt lab) – Director, Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine (China)


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