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Welcome to our community! Below you will find information on programs, events, and diversity-related clubs sponsored by the Graduate School. Diversity and inclusion in the Graduate School is supported by both the Office of Student Diversity and the institution's larger Office of Diversity and Inclusion (for faculty and staff). More on diversity at Weill Cornell Medicine can be found at: diversity.weill.cornell.edu.


Office of Student Diversity

The Office of Student Diversity is housed in Olin Hall, the dormitory for most first-year PhD and medical students. Its open-door policy and adjacent student lounge provides a space for all students to engage in community programing and seek support, if needed. The office supports a wide range of programs aimed at the support and recruitment of underrepresented students, community building, mentorship, and outreach. The Office of Student Diversity is directed by two full-time Assistant Deans, Dr. Marcus Lambert (for the Graduate School) and Dr. Elizabeth Wilson-Anstey (for the Medical College).


Diverse Communities

The Graduate School supports many student clubs and initiatives, some of which represent the diversity within the Graduate School such as the Tri-Institutional Minority Society, the Women in Science initiative, LGBT community activities, International Student programs, and outreach and community service opportunities to underserved populations. More information on diversive communities at Weill Cornell Medicine can be found here: diversity.weill.cornell.edu/diverse-communities.

Read more about our diverse communities:

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Tri-Institutional Women in Science Mixer

6th Annual LGBT Health Workforce Conference


Diversity Initiatives

Diversity Week

As part of Dean Augustine Choi’s commitment to strengthening the culture of diversity and inclusion at Weill Cornell Medicine, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosted Diversity Week, the inaugural event that took place on April 23-27, 2018. Diversity Week’s launch event included a keynote address by Dr. Hannah Valantine, the Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity at the National Institutes of Health. An array of events took place throughout the week featuring Diversity Grand Round talks from experts in their fields, health disparity and mentoring in medicine symposiums, paneled events centered around work-life balance, women in science, and LGBT issues in medicine, among others. In addition, winners of the Dean's Diversity and Healthcare Disparities Research Awards, Pioneers in Diversity Awards, and the Laurie H. Glimcher Award for Excellence in Mentoring Women Faculty were honored during an evening celebration of diversity. For more information and a scheduled list of events click here!


Coffee Hours


Lecture Series

The Office of Student Diversity's lecture series includes speakers such as Dr. Ahna Skop, Professor of Genetics at The University of Wisconsin–Madison, Dr. Sherilynn Black, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement at Duke University School of Medicine, and Dr. Erich Jarvis, Professor at The Rockefeller University.


High School and College Enrichment Programs

Our pipeline and outreach programs are designed to prepare and inspire students to pursue careers in biomedical research. A complete list of programs can be found here: diversity.weill.cornell.edu/student-diversity/enrichment-programs.

High School Science Immersion Program

The Weill Cornell High School Science Immersion Program is 7-week program designed to offer hands on biomedical research exposure to New York High School students. High School students must complete the application by March 15th, 2019. Priority will be given to students from self-reported underrepresented minority, disadvantaged, and first-generation immigrant backgrounds. High School students will work closely with Weill Cornell Graduate School (WCGS) students and postdoctoral scholars on a scientific project in a laboratory setting at Weill Cornell Medicine and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Mentees and mentors will be paired as closely as possible on the basis of scientific interests and will work on a biomedical research project designed by the mentor. High School students are expected to learn about the research focus of the WCGS mentor’s laboratory, have hands on experiences in assisting with experiments under the guidance of his or her mentor, and present their findings at the end of the program. Each mentor should supply the high school student with the necessary reading materials and may recommend additional reading and/or assignments for their student to do outside of the time in the laboratory. Mentee/mentor pairs should follow the basic program guidelines but have the flexibility to exceed the minimum requirements listed below. We are looking for highly motivated, enthusiastic, and committed high school students and mentors to provide a mutually beneficial experience for all involved. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Student Application Link:

Weill Cornell Medicine High School Science Immersion Program

ACCESS Summer Internship Program

This 10 week summer internship program was established by the WCGS in 1994 for underrepresented minority and underserved college students (ACCESS Summer Internship Program | Undergraduate Research). The aim of the program is to inspire students to choose biomedical research as a career by providing them with an internship in a biomedical research laboratory. Each accepted student receives a stipend of $4000 and compensation for travel expenses. On-campus housing is provided free of charge to those who are not from the NYC area. In addition to a laboratory internship, ACCESS offers students: (1) lectures and discussions aimed at enhancing an understanding of the current status of biomedical research and the range of career opportunities available, (2) weekly journal clubs (3) a GRE preparation course, and (4) community-building activities in and around New York City. At the end of the lab experience, a celebratory award ceremony is held in which the students give poster and oral presentations on their research. In addition, the students present their research at the annual National Leadership Alliance Symposium (http://www.theleadershipalliance.org) in July.


Diversity News and Events

Breaking Bread Dinner: February 2018

Big Red STEM Day 2018

Diversity Holiday Mixer

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