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Travel Award Policies

The Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences believes that presenting research as a first-author is an essential part of the graduate training experience. To support our graduate students, WCGS provides $1,200 per year to PhD students in the BCMB, IMP, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, and PBSB programs to travel to present their first author work, e.g., a poster or talk, at a conference or meeting.

If you are in the Tri-I MD-PhD program, information on your travel request form can be found HERE

For BCMB, IMP, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, and PBSB PhD Students

No later than two (2) weeks before your travel

  1. Email the following materials to Associate Dean Dr. Randi Silver (
    1. PDF version of your first-author presentation abstract
    2. Proof of acceptance as a presenter at the conference (forwarded e-mail or PDF)
    3. Completed Travel Request Form (page two of THIS FORM) including PI signature (digital signature preferred; submit as PDF)
  2. Dean Silver will review your application for funding. If you funding application is approved, it will be forwarded to the Graduate School finance group, who will work with you on your reimbursement upon your return.

While you are traveling

Documenting your expenses as you go can streamline your reimbursement paperwork upon your return. Consider taking pictures/screenshots of the following materials while you are at the conference:

  • Receipts for any purchases you would like reimbursed (ground transport, meals, lodging) 
  • Conference badge/ID
  • Conference agenda/program
  • Boarding passes for air travel
  • Ticket/e-ticket receipts for trains or ground transport

Within 45 days of traveling

  1. Email the following materials to WCM GSMS Finance & Grants (gsmsfinance&
    1. Completed and signed expense form (page three of THIS FORM)
    2. Conference badge copy (or other proof of conference/meeting attendance)
    3. Conference agenda showing meals provided as part of the conference
    4. Proof of travel: boarding passes (airline); ticket/e-ticket receipt (train or bus)
    5. Receipt for each expense you included on the form
    6. Bank or credit card statements with proof that each expense was paid
  2. You can expect your travel reimbursement to be processed within 3 weeks of submitting all required materials. If you receive your stipend payments via direct deposit, your travel reimbursement will be deposited to the same account.

Please direct questions regarding travel reimbursement to WCM GSMS Finance & Grants, gsmsfinance&

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