Student Service Award

The WCGS Student Service Award recognizes a WCGS student or a group of WCGS students who have distinguished themselves in service to the graduate school,  WCM, MSKCC, HSS, the larger community, or beyond.


Josue Barnes









Josue Barnes 
Physiology, Biophysics and Systems Biology Graduate Program
Iman Hajirasouliha and Olivier Elemento labs

Josue is being recognized for his leadership as president for two years of the Tri-Institutional Minority Society, and involvement in the Social Justice and Anti-Racism Taskforce.



Ifeh Akano
Pharmacology Graduate Program
Yael David Lab

Ifeh is being recognized for her outreach and work with the Tri-I Outreach Club, Tri-I Mentorship Initiative, Community Leader Fellowship Program, andTri-I Outreach Fair.


Thais Klevorn
Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis Graduate Program
Sabine Ehrt Lab

Thais is being recognized for her outreach and work with the Tri-Institutional Minority Society (TIMS).



Krysta DiKun
Pharmacology Graduate Program
Lorraine Gudas Lab

Thomas Rossetti (no picture available)
Pharmacology Graduate Program
Jochen Buck and Lonny Levin Lab

Krysta and Thomas are being recognized for co-chairing the 40th Annual Vincent du Vigneaud Research Symposium.



Pedro Silberman
Pharmacology Graduate Program
David Scheinberg Lab

Pedro is being recognized for his outreach to high school students through the founding of the High School Catalyst Program.



Jordana Thibado
Physiology, Biophysics and Systems Biology Graduate Program
Lonny Levin Lab

Jordana is being recognized for her outreach to children and young adults in the activities of the Tri-Institutional Outreach Committee, including Family Science Day, “STEM DAY” and other initiatives.


Thomas Galassi
Physiology, Biophysics and Systems Biology Graduate Program
Daniel Heller Lab

Thomas is being recognized for being a leader in developing a biomedical entrepreneurship ecosystem at Weill Cornell.


Suvey Pandey
Cell and Developmental Biology Graduate Program
Todd Evans Lab

Suvey is being recognized for his outstanding service as a GSEC wellness representative and his leadership role in founding Peers Advocating Wellness (PAWs).


Alexandra Cohen, PhD
Neuroscience Graduate Program
BJ Casey Lab

Sara DiNapoli
Pharmacology Graduate Program
Yariv Houvras Lab

Michael V. LeVine, PhD
PBSB Graduate Program
Harel Weinstein Lab

Alexandra, Sara, and Michael received the 2016 Student Service Award for founding the “Tri-Institutional Outreach Committee.”

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