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Christopher Lima


Christopher D. Lima is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator at the Sloan Kettering Institute where he is Chair and Member of the Structural Biology Program. He holds an Alfred P. Sloan Chair and is a Professor in the Weill Cornell and Sloan Kettering Graduate Schools. He received his PhD from Northwestern University for work on DNA topoisomerase I. As a Helen Hay Whitney Fellow at Columbia University, his work focused on resolving mechanisms underlying nucleotidyl transferases. He joined the faculty at Weill Cornell in 1998 and moved to Sloan Kettering in 2003. His research investigates RNA and protein quality control pathways. He was a Beckman Young Investigator and Rita Allen Scholar and was selected as an HHMI Investigator in 2013. He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2017 and the National Academy of Sciences in 2020. 


  • National Academy of Sciences 
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences 
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute 
  • Rita Allen Scholar 
  • Beckman Young Investigator 

Research Topics

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