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Ben Burrnett

What is you favorite aspect of Weill Cornell’s research?

There is an incredible diversity of research at Weill Cornell, and all completely accessible to graduate students. Personally, I am most excited about the fundamental science labs that are pairing structural biology with other techniques to study molecular function. 

Why did you decide to attend Weill Cornell for your graduate school education? 

My decision to attend Weill Cornell was completely based on the caliber of research being done here. I knew that Weill Cornell would have multiple opportunities for me to do important and meaningful research. 

Have you had any experiences that confirmed Weill Cornell was the best place for your graduate studies? 

One interaction that really stood out to me occurred during interviews. I met with Dr. Scott Blanchard, who is now my advisor, and he talked about his motivations for doing science. A lot of what he said resonated with me and that was ultimately what convinced me to attend Weill Cornell.

What is your proudest accomplishment at Weill Cornell thus far? What do you hope to achieve by the time that you graduate?

My proudest accomplishments so far are my research publications. It's an amazing feeling to submit your data to the journal review process and have it accepted. Currently I am pursuing a follow-up question, which, along with my prior publications, will shed light on an important aspect of translational control in bacteria.

What sets Weill Cornell apart from other institutions?

The research, the faculty and the opportunities for growth as a graduate student set this institution apart. Plus, having MSKCC and Rockefeller University next door provide our neighborhood with a strong sense of research collaboration and community. 

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