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Austin Varela

Tell us about your research.

I perform research in Dr. Ashley Laughney’s lab, where we study cancer dynamics. Specifically, I am developing novel computational tools that can use single-cell sequencing to learn how tumors hijack their microenvironment.

What are your motivations behind choosing your area of research?

Sequencing technologies are rapidly evolving, so computational methods must keep up. I am especially interested in single-cell sequencing since it has many technical challenges that are yet to be overcome. These challenges provide the opportunity to experiment with many new data analysis techniques while also making meaningful observations for medicine!

What are your plans after you graduate?

My time at Weill Cornell has solidified my interest in building new tools for biologists. So I have applied to PhD programs to continue my studies. I hope to complete the necessary training to lead a research group to develop my own projects that match the caliber of those at Weill Cornell.

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