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Aditi Gopalan

Tell us about your research.

I do front-end software development for a website called which is a tool for the visualization of large-scale cancer genomics.


What are your motivations behind choosing your area of research?

I have really enjoyed working in cancer research and I have wanted to try my hand at software engineering for a while, so it's exciting to work on a project that's at the intersection of both


Why did you choose Weill Cornell Graduate School for your graduate studies?

I think Weill had a great computational biology program that was exactly what I was looking for.


What sets Weill Cornell apart from other institutions?

I was looking forward to working in interdisciplinary environments, which Weill is great for!


What has been your most rewarding experience at Weill Cornell?

I have enjoyed exploring a bunch of different areas of research, specifically those to which I was completely new. Everyone here has been extremely supportive and there has been a lot of room for growth. Overall it's been really fun figuring out what I'd like to do moving forward!


What are your plans after you graduate?

I'm hoping to find a software engineering-related job in healthcare.

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