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Alumni Stories

Graduate: 2014, Pharmacology Program
Jamie McBean, PhD

At Weill Cornell, I learned how to take difficult scientific concepts and distill them into elements that various audiences can understand. I was also able to hone my presentation and explanation skills throughout my years there, which help me greatly in my everyday work.

Graduate: 2013, BCMB Program
Sam Globus, PhD

WCGS provided me with an amazing scientific foundation, both in the core classes and through my work in the lab. It taught me how to approach a scientific problem by boiling it down to its core components and focusing on confronting the specific issue at hand.

Graduate: 2009, Neuroscience Program
Bojana Zupan, PhD

WCGS was the best fit for me because of the large number of faculty who are involved in interesting research.

Graduate: 2009
Ting Jia, PhD

The scientific training we received at WCGS is not only about the detailed knowledge in our specific fields, but also involves how we approach a problem, how we dissect a problem, and how we find resources to solve that problem.

Graduate: 2014
Joel Schrock, PhD, MBA

"It was clear from the start that people at Weill Cornell enjoyed spending time and working together."

Graduate: 2015
Sheng Li, PhD

"I had the opportunity to meet and work with many excellent researchers here, and I really learned a lot from each one of them."

Graduate: 2014
Sebastian Stolzenberg, PhD

"It was the continuous process of critical thinking and learning during my time at Weill Cornell that made me who I am today."

Graduate: 2014
Sayan Mondal, PhD

"Weill Cornell gave me the confidence to look at problems in a new light…and prepared me to pursue a career in drug discovery."

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