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David Artis

David Artis
The goals of the Artis lab are to understand the regulatory mechanisms that control immune cell homeostasis at the body’s barrier surfaces. Employing diverse models of microbial colonization, pathogen infection and chronic inflammation, research in the Artis lab is examining how mammalian host genetics and signals derived from commensal microbial communities influence innate and adaptive immune responses in the skin, lung and intestine.


Research in the Artis lab is focused on dissecting the pathways that regulate innate and adaptive immune cell function and host-microbiota interactions at barrier surfaces in the context of health and disease.  Multidisciplinary approaches are employed to dissect cellular and molecular pathways that control the gut-brain axis, including single nucleus sequencing, untargeted metabolomics, CRISPR targeting of the microbiota and chemo- and optogenetic tools to manipulate neuro-immune interactions. Our research program also encompasses a significant effort to translate research findings in pre-clinical models into patient-based studies of immune-mediated diseases.


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Current Projects:

Regulation of Immunity and Inflammation at Barrier Surfaces


Dr. Artis completed his doctoral research training at the University of Manchester, UK focusing on regulation of immunity and inflammation in the intestine. Following receipt of a Wellcome Trust Prize Traveling Fellowship, he undertook his post-doctoral fellowship training at the University of Pennsylvania, where he continued his research training in examining the regulation of immune responses at barrier surfaces. Dr. Artis joined the faculty at Penn in 2005 and became a Professor of Microbiology in 2014.
Dr. Artis joined Weill Cornell in 2014 as the Michael Kors Professor of Immunology and founding Director of the Jill Roberts Institute for IBD Research. In 2018, Dr. Artis assumed the role of inaugural Director of the Friedman Center for Nutrition and Inflammation.


  • 2004 Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation Training Fellowship
  • 2005 Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation Young Investigator of the Year
  • 2006 AAI Junior Faculty Award
  • 2007 International Cytokine Society Young Investigator of the Year Award
  • 2008 Burroughs Wellcome Fund Investigator in Infectious Diseases
  • 2010 Lady Barbara Colyton Prize for Autoimmune Research
  • 2012 Stanley Cohen Research Award
  • 2013 AAI-BD Investigator Award
  • 2022 International Cytokine Society William E. Paul Award for Outstanding Contributions to Cytokine Research


Current Areas of Focus

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