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Anthony Brown

Associate Professor
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My major research interests have been in the Wnt family of intercellular signaling proteins and their roles in tissue biology and cancer.


I have had a long-standing interest the Wnt family of signaling proteins and their role in cancer, beginning soon after the first Wnt gene was discovered as a mammary oncogene in miceOur research centered on mechanistic aspects of Wnt signaling pathways and how they contribute to tissue development, homeostasis, hyperplasia, and cancer.  Mechanistic studies have included the demonstration that phosphorylation of Dishevelled is a consistent manifestation of non-canonical Wnt signaling independent of beta-catenin, and serves as a robust assay for such signalsWe have worked with cells in culture, organoids, mouse models of breast and colorectal cancer, as well as patient-derived material. The role of stem-like cells in tumorigenesis has been of particular interest, as well as other aspects of how aberrant Wnt signaling contributes to cancer.   

Current Projects:

  • Collaborations with other investigators 


Anthony Brown obtained an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences (Genetics) from the University of Cambridge in 1977 and a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Edinburgh in 1982He was a postdoctoral fellow with Pierre Chambon in Strasbourg, France, and subsequently with Harold Varmus at the University of California, San FranciscoHe joined the faculty at Weill Cornell in 1987 He is currently Director of the Office of Medical Student Research. 


  • Royal Society European Science Exchange Fellowship 
  • Medical Research Council (U.K.) Travelling Fellowship 
  • Cornell Scholars Award  
  • Andrew W. Mellon Teacher-Scientist Award 
  • Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences 
  • Irma T. Hirschl Career Scientist Award 
  • WCM Awards for Teaching Excellence 
  • WCM Awards for Excellence in Medical Education 

Current Areas of Focus

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