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Dr. Jan Krumsiek

  • Why did you decide to become an instructor?

It is very satisfying to see when a student who learned something about data analysis from me then applies in real research practice.

  • What courses do you teach in the Computational Biology program? 

I lead one block on omics analysis in the “Functional interpretation of high-throughput data” course. 

  • What are your teaching philosophy and teaching style?

First, I’m a big fan of going deep into specific topics rather than just skimming the surface. Even though approach can only cover a limited amount of topics, it teaches the students how to think about data analysis. Second, I’m trying to be very interactive. A lecture where we spend half of the time on questions that came up from the audience is a great lecture.

  • How do you use technology in the classroom?

I just do regular slide-based teaching. In the MS-CB course, we furthermore discuss code the students have written as their homework via screensharing.

  • Have you involved your students in your research?

Yes, all our thesis projects are real research projects. We never give our projects that are just for teaching purposes.

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