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Nevin Yusufova (Ph.D. ’20), a recent graduate of the BCMB Allied program, has been interested in drug discovery since her undergraduate studies at Colgate University where she synthesized bioactive small molecules for further testing in cellular models. Prior to joining WCGS, Yusufova worked at a biotech startup in Boston with collaborators in Harvard Medical School to develop therapeutics against endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis.

Recently, her work in the Melnick Lab...

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When first-year Pharmacology student Naira Abou-Ghali messaged the Science and Education Policy Association (SEPA) Slack channel about an award that provides funding to graduate student-led science policy initiatives that focus on civic engagement, Ellie Thompson, Nina Glenn and Joanna Yeung wasted no time. The group put together a proposal to create a science policy-focused podcast and quickly submitted it to the Research!America organization. “We developed the goals of this podcast, and...

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As scientists, we often find beauty in experimental images, whether it be a micrograph of cells in a dish or a scan of the human brain, but few of us have the artistic talent to turn these images into works of art. Tanya Jain, a 3rd year student in the Neuroscience program, did just that! Her artistic rendering of astrocytes derived from pluripotent stem cells landed the cover of the August 5th edition of Neuron.  

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