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Medical School Foundational Curriculum for Graduate Students

WCGS PhD graduate students are invited to participate in select components of the WCM medical student foundational units. Following upon the success of the pilot course, we are excited to announce availability for the upcoming "Infectious Disease" unit (Nov. 25 - Dec. 17, 2019). Participation in the unit, which is entirely optional, will provide interested graduate students with an opportunity for in-depth didactic learning, side-by-side with medical students, in human physiology to complement their biomedical science research.

To participate studnets must commit to: 

  • Attend selected course lectures. Students will be required to sign up to participate, and once enrolled as an auditor, it is expected that students can attend the lectures or view online. Access to online learning materials, including video-recorded lectures, will be granted via Canvas. No credit will be awarded for this option.

Participation will require a considerable time commitment. Students must therefore first check with their faculty PI (or Program Director, if not yet in a lab) whether it is compatible with their other graduate student responsibilities.

There is limited space available for participation in the medical student foundational curriculum. If interested in participating, WCGS PhD students should:

  1. Before November 20, 2019: Email Mary Caliendo ( to request enrollment into the Infectious Disease unit auditing. You must cc your faculty PI (or Program Director, as noted above) and include the text “My PI <or Program Director>, Dr. <name>, has approved my participation in the course.” Because capacity is limited, enrollment is not guaranteed – you will be notified if your enrollment is approved.
  2. If approved: you will abe automatically registered by the Office of the Registrar as a course auditor.

Prior to attendance:

  1. Please note that the materials in these units are designed for medical students. As such, there may be background information that is unfamiliar to graduate students.
  2. Students must have completed online HIPAA training to attend any sessions involving patients, including patient presentations in lectures.

Available units:

  1. Infectious Disease (11/25/19-12/17/19)

For more information, contact Jaci Czarnecki Thompson (

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