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Elligibility and Application

Interested students will apply to the MBTP at the end of the first year after selecting their PhD mentor, who
must be a MBTP faculty member. The admission process will include evaluation of the trainee-faculty match.

First year BSB/BCMB and PBSB Students will be exposed to MBTP faculty and their research programs via
the following mechanisms, which help recruit trainees and help ensure a good match with Program Faculty:
• All students in WCGS conduct three laboratory rotations during the first year. At the end of each rotation,
the student and the PI fill out and submit a Rotation Evaluation (see appendix 3), which is submitted to
WCGS. These evaluations are reviewed by the parent Program Directors to determine whether the student
and the PI are a good personal and scientific match. but will also be reviewed by the MBTP co-Directors in
the case of students who wish to join the MBTP...
• The PBSB program holds research lunches during which faculty presents their work to the students.
• The BCMB program holds orientation events early in the first year, during which an overview of BSB
faculty is provided and faculty members present brief descriptions of their research.
• Both PBSB and BSB programs highlight their faculty during their annual retreats.
• The MBTP website ( provides immediate access to the faculty
research descriptions.

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