Principles of Developmental Biology

The course presents key concepts in Developmental Biology that will draw on research in several invertebrate and vertebrate model systems, including fly, nematodes, zebrafish, frog, chick and mouse. In the first part, general principles that have emerged in Developmental Biology are discussed. The second part focuses on how these principles operate during lineage development and organogenesis. The last part examines how errors in developmental pathways result in congenital disorders and human disease. 

This is an elective course that is aimed primarily towards 2nd and 3rd year graduate students; however, it is open to students from all years and from all WCGS Programs of Study. Students should have finished the BCMB Core Course requirements, or equivalent courses covering molecular and cell biology and genetics. The course consists of 16 lectures taught by WCMC and SKI faculty and two additional guest lectures by Dr. Shai Shaham (Rockefeller U) and Natasza Kurpios (Cornell U, Ithaca). In addition, students will lead six interactive group discussions of selected research papers.

Elective for Year 3 and above.

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