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Health Systems and Services

Provides an overview of health and healthcare delivery. The course will familiarize students with systems of health and healthcare at a "macro" scale through a variety of readings and in-class discussions. Topics include healthcare delivery models, structure, organizations, policy, finance and workforce. In addition, students will be exposed to the processes of healthcare at a "micro" scale, through field experiences in a variety of healthcare settings such as inpatient wards, emergency department, ancillary departments and outpatient clinics. This course provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts in organizational structure and management and an overview of the different health and public health organizations that compose the U.S. health system. In addition, through field experiences students will be exposed to the processes of health care. Throughout the semester, students will observe, record, and interpret the daily practice of health care in such settings as: inpatient wards, emergency departments, ancillary departments, and outpatient clinics.

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