Drug Development: From Molecule to Prescription

Weill Cornell Graduate School - Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute

This course has been designed in collaboration with drug development experts from Roche and provides a foundation of integrated knowledge of the multi-disciplined process of developing a new medication. It includes real world challenges encountered in the areas of discovery, development, manufacturing, global regulatory approval and commercialization of new medicines. In addition, the impact of emerging technologies to healthcare and the development process will be considered.
While each lecture could be a topic for one (or more) graduate course, the goal of this integrated program is to provide an introduction to the whole drug development process, to raise awareness of all the different aspects that need to be considered to bring new medicines to patients, and to elicit interest for young investigators. SeePDF icon here for syllabus.

Dr. Hitesh Chokshi (Course Leaders)

Dr. Gudas & Dr. Heller (Course Facilitators)

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