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Cellular and Molecular Biology

Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMPB 5003 01)
Credits: 4
Course Director:  Nicholas Brady, PhD

Course Objective

An overview of modern cellular and molecular biology for computational biologists.

Course Description

The course presents a review of essential cellular and molecular processes aimed at students with limited educational background in biology. Topics include cellular structure and function, genetics and genomics, transcriptomics, proteins and proteomics, post-translational regulation, and cell signaling. The course will have a special focus on experimental techniques and data quantification, including methods pertaining to computational biology. Methodologies and quantification include: microscopies, PCR, blots, antibodies, immunoprecipitation, fluorescence, mass spectroscopy, and flow cytometry. The course will also cover latest genetic engineering techniques and showcase visualization of 3D protein structures

Course Schedule

The course will consist of twice-weekly lectures within 5 subject modules.
Semester: Fall
Time: Mondays and Wednesdays 2:00pm-3:30pm

Course Syllabus

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