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NOTE: This course is ONLY available to graduate PA students enrolled in the Physician Assistant Completion Option (PACO).

This course will allow fundamental concepts of research in the health sciences to be applied to the practice of clinical research. The course utilizes research methods such as problem finding, formulation of a research question, methodology, design, data collection and interpretation. Ethical considerations in research will be examined. Published research articles will be analyzed critically. The course culminates with the student applying these theoretical concepts in directed research activities. Application of the theoretical information will result in the development of an original document reflecting analysis of a medical problem, an intensive literature review and a proposal for an original research study. Working under the guidance of a faculty advisor, the student will develop the following: a) a scholarly literature review that is a suitable foundation for original empirical research, b) a formal proposal for an original research study, and c) an oral defense of the final project before the student’s Master’s Thesis Special Committee. Contact Hours: 84 (includes 60 credit hours independent research and 24 credit hours of web-assisted lecture/discussion). (4.0 credits)

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