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Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis

Advanced Topics in Immunology

This course is for students who have completed the Fundamental Immunology course. The intent is to acquaint participants with the latest developments in the field of immunobiology and microbial pathogenesis, and to provide guidance for honing skills in scientific discussion and critical thinking. Over the years IMP has developed a portfolio of six-week mini-courses on a variety of front-line topics. Under the motto of learning from each other, each academic year faculty and students choose up to four topics from the repertory or design new ones. While faculty will recruit lecturers from within their own ranks, our sister programs and experts from neighboring institutions, students will actively participate in the course organization and run the discussion sessions following each of the didactic lectures given by the faculty member. Selected topics will be studied in great depth, covering historical perspectives, underlying principles, current status, significance for contemporary immunology and prospects for translational application. Moreover, attempts will be made to connect immunological specialization with general principles of biology and biochemistry.

Fundamental Immunology

Quarters I and II of this course provide a comprehensive overview of basic immunology beginning with the innate immune responses, followed by a study of the main aspects of acquired immunity. Specific interactions of target cells and T cells that are regulated by the MHC molecule and peptide antigens on the target cell and the antigen specific T cell receptor are studied. The generation and molecular structure of B and T cell antigen receptors, and signaling through immune receptors are covered in detail. Additionally, the development of antigen specific T and B cells, and specific roles for some cytokines/lymphokines are also explored. Quarters III and IV of the course cover in more depth T and B cell-mediated immunity and topics of clinical relevance, such as microbial immunity, allergy, autoimmunity, tumor immunology, congenital and acquired immunodeficiencies, transplantation immunology and immunotherapy. All the topics are studied though lectures and in-depth review of selected articles.

Immunology Research in Progress

This course is designed to provide all IMP students with the opportunity to present their thesis research to a critical audienceĀ  of their peers, postdoctoral trainees and faculty. The experience gained is invaluable for developing into an independent scientist.

Introduction to Biostatistics

This course will provide students with a fundamental understanding of the most common statistical methods used in health sciences research.

Microbial Pathogenesis

This course provides an overview of bacterial, protozoan and metazoan pathogens, and the diverse mechanisms by which they elicit disease in humans. Select topics will also be presented on the evolution and diversity of cellular and genetic systems in human pathogens. The course includes discussion of pathogen immune evasion strategies and will therefore assume Fundamental Immunology as a pre-requisite or concurrent course.

Responsible Conduct of Research

The objectives of this course are to: heighten students' awareness of ethical considerations relevant to the conduct of research; inform students of federal, state and institutional policies, regulations and procedures; and provide students with critical analysis and problem solving skills for ethical decision-making.

Seminars in Immunology

This course is designed to offer all graduate students in the program an exposure to cutting-edge research by national and international leaders in all fields of immunology, including natural immunity, B and T cell biology, immunity to infectious agents and tumors.

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