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Weill Cornell Graduate School | Julian R. Rachele Prize

Named for a former Dean of the Graduate School, the Rachele Prize is the highest student award presented by the school. It is awarded to students who have published significant research in a scientific journal.


Daniel Thengone, (Nicholas Schiff, MD & Jonathan D. Victor, MD, PhD, mentors): Thengone DJ, Voss HU, Fridman EA, Schiff ND “Local changes in network structure contribute to late communication recovery after severe brain injury.” Science Translational Medicine, 8:368re5 (2016) 

Guanshi Wang, (Alexandros Pertsinidis, PhD, mentor): Wang G, Hauver J, Thomas Z, Darst SA, Pertsinidis A, “Single-molecule real-time 3D imaging of the transcription cycle by modulation interferometry.” Cell, 167(7):1839-1852 (2016)


Kari Fischer, PhD (Vivek Mittal, PhD, mentor) for "Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition is not required for lung metastasis but contributes to chemoresistance”, Nature.

Faranak Fattahi, PhD (Lorenz Studer, MD, mentor) for "Deriving human ENS lineages for cell therapy and drug discovery in Hirschsprung disease”, Nature.


Andrew Tokay Drysdale, PhD (B.J. Casey, PhD, mentor) for "FAAH genetic variation enhances fronto-amygdala function in mouse and human." Nat Commun. 2015 Mar 3;6:6395.   

Peng Kate Gao, PhD (Songhai Shi, PhD, mentor) for "Deterministic Progenitor Behavior and Unitary Production of Neurons in the Neocortex." Cell. 2014 Nov 6;159(4): 775-88.


Adam M. Levinson, PhD (Samuel Danishefsky, PhD) for "Total Synthesis of Asperverin via an Iodine(III)-Mediated Oxidative Cyclization." Org. Lett. 16, 4904-4907 (2014).


Joseph Justin Mulvey, PhD (David Scheinberg, MD/PhD, mentor) for "Self-assembly of carbon nanotubes and antibodies on tumours for targeted amplified delivery." Nature Nanotechnology 8, 763–771 (2013).

Nurunisa Akyuz, PhD (Olga Boudker, PhD, mentor) for "Transport dynamics in a glutamate transporter homologue." Nature 502, 114-118 (2013). 


Elissaveta Petrova, PhD (Marilyn Resh, PhD, mentor) for “Inhibitors of Hedgehog Acyltransferase Block Sonic Hedgehog Signaling.” Nature Chem.Biol. 9: 247-249. 

Christopher Kloss, PhD (Michel Sadelain, PhD, mentor) for “Combinatorial Antigen Recognition with Balanced Signaling Promotes Selective Tumor Eradication by Engineered T cells.” Nature Biotechnology. 31: 71-75. 

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