Weill Cornell Biotech Club (WCBC)

The Weill Cornell Biotech Club (WCBC) was created to foster a community of members with a shared interest in biotechnology and healthcare within the Tri-I Area (Weill Cornell Medical College, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and Rockefeller University). Through our events, we engage in discussions about various cutting-edge biotechnologies and the future trends of the healthcare system. By bringing individuals from industry to our campus, we are bridging the gap between industry and academia with the hope to foster a greater entrepreneurial spirit in New York City.

Our main deliverables include: Hosting events with outside speakers from related industries, providing services that allow club members to explore the world of business and biotechnology, and creating a diverse platform of opportunities and activities through which graduate students and postdocs can learn, develop, and prepare to succeed in the biotech and healthcare industry.

For more information, including event schedules, upcoming seminars, and blog posts on biotech news, please visit our main website.

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