BCMB Program Retreat 2018

Photos courtesy of Angela Park and Gina Tomarchio.

BCMB students and faculty had another wonderful academic year at the 2018 BCMB Allied Program Retreat in beautiful New Paltz, NY.

The BCMB Annual Program Retreat took place this September at the Mohonk Mountain House, a Victorian castle resort located just an hour and a half north of NYC. The retreat provides an amazing experience for new students to interact with both faculty and upper-class lab pros, to gain a sense of what adventures lie ahead as their graduate school careers progress. For upper-class students, the Retreat provides a chance to sharpen mentoring skills and practice presenting their work via short talks and poster presentations, all while mingling with faculty and learning more about their classmates’ research.

Some highlights from this year’s Retreat include:

People's Choice Poster Prize Winners

We had over 40 outstanding posters from BCMB graduate students, covering topics ranging from embryonic stems cell differentiation to new cancer therapies to structures of channel proteins.

This year two awards were handed out:  a “People’s Choice” award and a “Best Poster” award.

“People’s Choice” Award (selected by the entire BCMB community present at the retreat)

Jossie Yashinskie (Lydia Finley Lab)

“Best Poster” Award (selected by a group of Faculty)

Maria Falzone (Alessio Accardi Lab)

Meeting and Greeting First-Year Students

This year we hosted a new event called “Meet and Greet the First-Year Students.” Current students and faculty gathered with the new incoming class at the Pavilion to discuss their specific scientific interests.

Welcoming New BCMB Faculty

Several new Faculty attended our retreat this year, adding to the scientific discussion and participating in our Trivia Night. These faculty include Andrew IntlekoferRenat Shaykhiev, and Tuomas Tammela.

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