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Prerequisite: PAS 6210. The student continues the exploration of the epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of common medical problems encountered in inpatient and outpatient medical care. Emphasis is placed on the interrelatedness of bodily systems and medical disciplines. Using lectures and problem-based learning sessions, the student will synthesize information from various medical disciplines to formulate an accurate differential diagnosis and a treatment plan for complex clinical presentations of illness. (3.0 credits)

Longitudinal Educational Experience Advancing Patient Partnerships (LEAP) is a required curricular component of this course.

LEAP (Longitudinal Educational Experience Advancing Patient Partnerships) is an additional required curricular component of the Physician Assistant Program. LEAP is an innovative program that allows students of Weill Cornell Medicine to participate in the healthcare experiences of assigned patients (referred to hereafter as “patient-teachers”) who reside in their community, from the beginning of their PA Program experience and continuing throughout their training. The goals of the LEAP program are: 1. to allow students to partner with patient-teachers early in their PA education 36 2. to provide a clinical experience that will complement and enrich classroom experiences 3. to help students understand the complexity of the healthcare system and appreciate patient’s experiences within the system 4. to foster humanistic and culturally sensitive medical care 5. to explore the meaning of professionalism and collegiality 6. to experience the richness of the provider-patient relationship over time Preclinical phase students are generally assigned two patient-teachers initially. Students are expected to engage with their patient-teachers at least once a month, ideally in the context of a medical office visit, hospitalization, home visit, virtual encounter (telemedicine), or phone call. Students meet monthly in small groups with two faculty members to discuss these experiences, review the clinical and psychosocial dimensions of patient care, and reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the healthcare system. PA students will work collaboratively with medical students and WeillCornell/NYP faculty in the LEAP program.

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