Graduate School of Medical Sciences
A partnership with the Sloan Kettering Institute

WCGS Vision Statement

Our goals are to train the next generation of scientific leaders in biomedical research by:

  • Positioning our students to make innovative scientific discoveries
  • Showing them how to work in laboratory, local and global communities of scholars, with science as a bridge across national, cultural, political, religious and ethnic identifications
  • Matching them with skillful mentors who guide them to independence and support them thereafter
  • Equipping them to compete in the biomedical workforce and related areas with strong skills in multi-disciplinary technologies; in the analysis, visualization and statistical evaluation of data; and in written and verbal communication
  • Developing in them habits for life-long learning that grows in depth and breadth
  • Inculcating in them principles of ethics, honesty and rigor in research
  • Preparing them to articulate, defend and demonstrate the value of evidence-based reasoning in civic life and public policy.
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