WCGS Science and Society Series

Video Recordings of past lectures viewable by members of WCM community only.

The Science and Society Series features a number of lectures designed to promote students' familiarity with science outside of biomedical research and an appreciation of scientists' civic roles and responsibilities.

The lectures encompass a broad range of topics described below.

Beyond Biomedicine: Science Today

  • Climate Change
  • Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks
  • Quantum Entanglement and Communication
  • Evolution and Medicine

Communicating Science

  • Bioscience, Medicine and the Media
  • Fake Journals, Fabricated Images, False Reviews and Financial Incentives
  • Make Yourself Clear: Advice for Scientists

Science and Government

  • Government Repression of Science: Examples from Home and Around the World
  • Science and Congress

Biomedical Science and Social Justice

  • Race, Ethnicity, Gender: Challenges for the Biomedical Sciences


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